Cold Coffee Float

Long,long ago [around 1 month ago to be exact],the climate was so hot that we were rushing to the fridge to have something cool or cold or frozen.So as usual when I was drooling over some blogs,I came across Somas cold coffee float. It was the best thing that happened to me that day...

I used:

Chilled milk- 1 cup
Instant coffee powder-1 teaspoon
Sugar-2 teaspoons
Vanilla ice cream-2 scoops
½ a teaspoon cocoa powder

1.Blend milk,coffee powder,sugar,instant coffee powder.
2.Pour into a tall glass and top it with ice cream
3.Sprinkle cocoa powder and serve….

I made a glass of this float and settled down to read a book that one of my friend had gifted before my wedding-Spouse by Shoba De.

The book talks a lot about how to understand your spouse to lead a better[or rather a well adjusted] life.More like both the partners must read it else I am sure the other one will not understand what the spouse is trying to do!!!Still worse one is trying hard to succeed in a relationship while he / she doesn’t even know that the other one is working to keep the relationship afloat.

Many instances, both from her personal life as well as from her friends explain simple points that need to be understood for a marriage to run smoothly.

She also give tips to make it work better.Some I feel will not work[my opinion only] others can be tried and some of them are what we do everyday.I am yet to finish this book and it is taking me longer than usual.Let me see how it goes…..

This cold coffee float is being shipped to Akila who is hosting Dish name starting with C

Bon Appetit...

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