Raw Onion Chutney

This chutney recipe is from SIL.At first I did not like the idea of having raw onion in the chutney but once I tasted it I had to change my mind.This chutney  makes use of raw pearl onions but if are planning to make this with the normal onion than  I can seriously advice you against it.The taste will be entirely different and nothing when compared to the original taste.At first you can try with as few as 5 pearl onions and then increase it to suit your taste.The ginger in this chutney somewhat masks the raw onion flavor.

I used:

Pearl onions / Sambar onions -10 numbers,peeled and roughly chopped
Grated coconut-1 cup
Grated ginger- 1 teaspoon
Red chillies-4
Salt to taste

To season

Oil-1 teaspoon
Mustard -1 teaspoon
Cumin-1 teaspoon
Asafoetida powder- a pinch
Curry leaves-a few

Grind the coconut,onion,ginger,redchilles,salt to a fine paste with a little water.Remove to a serving dish
Heat oil and put in the seasonings.When it splutters pour over chutney and serve as a side dish with breakfast dishes.

Sending this to Jagruti's Complete my Thali event.

Bon Appetit...

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