Masal Pori

There is a Pori/Murmura vendor who goes by my mom's place in my hometown on his bicycle.Just as he crosses my house he would slow down and call out 'Pori' and wait for one of us to come out.He comes on alternate days and we buy Pori sufficient for 2 days!After I got married came to the orient, mom would rarely buy from him .When I went home just before lil angel was due,he seemed overjoyed to see me.

Again the ritual of buying pori started and when I was back after being in the hospital for a couple of days when lil angel was born,he asked me if we had been on a tour coz the house was locked for a few days!I still wonder how he failed to notice the difference in my appearance.Anyways ,when ever we buy pori,mom would season it and we would have it with our coffee /tea.I have to thank this tasty snack coz its the only time that Lil angel will sit quietly in a place and eat them one by one.

This is one of our favorite teatime snack.One of the easiest ,tastiest and crunchiest snack.

Here is what we do:

  1. Heat a large heavy bottom pan.[I use a pressure cooker for convenience sake.The contents don't spill out when mixed.]
  2. Put in some coconut oil[tastes very good,but can use any cooking oil] and add mustard,cumin seeds,curry leaves,red chillies,turmeric powder.You can also add a few cloves of crushed garlic.
  3. Fry for a minutes till the mustard pops and add the pori,roasted bengal gram[pottukadalai],roasted groundnuts.
  4. Mix well and keep stirring for a couple of minutes.
  5. Remove from heat and allow it to cool completely.Store in an air tight container.

This is an 'any time munch' but tastes great when paired with tea / coffee.

It is also available as masal pori in the shops but they are way too spicy and sometime smells rancid [from the oil].So we always make it at home,fresh and spiced to suit our taste.


Pori is available in two varieties-Salt free and salted.I used the salted variety and hence did not add extra salt.The salt free versio is used to make sweets like 'Pori urundai'

This snack goes to Sharmi for her Light teatime snacks event.[Just as I was going to add the link,I noticed that Sharmi too has used this masal pori in her logo!!]

Happy munching...