Recipes with Horsegram | Kollu

Kollu is what we better know as 'Horse gram'.It is known by the names -Kollu, Gahat, Kulath, Kulthi, ulavalu, etc.If you are aware of its other name please share it with us in the comments section.Botanically it is known by the name- Macrotyloma uniflorum.

 This is a much ignored lentil but it possesses immense health benefits.Many still associate it to cattle feed without knowing its properties.

It is said that cooking,soaking and then cooking,roasting ,germination increase the nutritive value of this lentil.The recipes that are usually prepared are Kollu paruppu podi [Spice mix],kollu rasam[a kind of soup / side dish with steamed rice],kollu saaru[juice],kollu chutney,sundal,sambar.