How To Prepare Banana Stem for Cooking and A Recipe

We already know the amazing health benefits of Banana.I have already written about it here.Then comes the blossoms and now the stem.The stem is the tender core of the tree.

Even now when my neighbors cut the banana tree after taking off the [banana] yield,they will come home with a couple of stems.Stems are also available in the farmers market.No one around here[in India I mean] throws out the tree after it is cut.The leaves are used to serve food.The taste of food served on these leaves are definitely out of the world!!The stems and blossoms are used in cookery and as a medicine.The outer covering of the stem is dried and cut into thin strips and used to string flowers like jasmine.So as you can see all the parts of the tree are so useful to us!

Banana stem too has loads of goodness.

 [The beneficial treatments mentioned above are to be carried out under the guidance of your physician]

So the next time you spot the stems be sure to bring it home and make it a part of your menu.

When you buy the plantain stem it most probably will have a thick outer layer which is to be removed.

 When you peel off the outer layer,you will notice that it is very fibrous

The inner part has to be cut into slices.Once a slice is taken off the main stem ,it will come attached with some fiber.Pull out the fiber and discard.[If the stem is a mature one,there will be lots of fiber and it is better not to use it.]When the fiber is all taken out,chop it finely.

Preserve in a container with thin buttermilk like we did the blossoms.

When you need to use it ,drain the buttermilk and use the chopped stem.

This is also joining Jaya for her Back to Basics Event.

Now for a simple banana stem stir fry...

In a pan heat 1 teaspoon oil and put in mustard,cumin seeds,channa dhal [1 teaspoon each],curry leaves,3 slit green chillies.

When the mustard splutters and dal turns brown,put in 1 chopped onion and saute till it is translucent.

Add 1 cup drained banana stem and some water to the pan.

Cover and cook.Keep stirring once in a while and sprinkle more water if necessary.

Cook till it is soft.
[Press a few pieces between your fingers to check doneness]

Add salt and 2 tablespoons grated coconut.

Mix well and remove from flame.

Serve as a side dish with steamed rice.

Bon Appetit....

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