How To Blanch Tomatoes In A Microwave

Here is an easy way to blanch tomatoes in just a few seconds!!


But before we go on to the recipe,let me start with a good news today.Veena Krishnakumar of Veg Junction has passed on this beautiful award! Thanks a bunch Veena :).

The award comes with a set of rules to state 7 things about yourself and to pass it on to 15 bloggers....

I have already spelt out 7 'secrets' of mine.I just went through the list and found that they have not changed so far!!!

So now I off passing this wonderful awards with my friends.

Ushnish of Cooking And Recipes
Adelina of Vegetarian Yogini
Jaya Wagle of Desi Soccer mom
Naina of Simply Food
Priya of Mharo Rajastan Recipes
Premalatha of Prema's Thaligai
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Lata Raja of Flavors and Tastes
Shabithaof My Home Kitchen
EC of Simple Indian Food

[There are so many bloggers out there with whom I would love to share this award, but the 'rules' say 15 so restricting it to that number...]

Now to the post,when I was thinking about a suitable theme for Srivalli's Microwave Easy Cooking[MEC] event which Iam hosting right now,I thought of all the dishes that can be prepared exclusively in the MW and all of them were hosted already.Then I thought why not I host Favorites and the first thing that came to my mind was to blanch tomatoes.

Blanching tomatoes is not exactly a recipe and its really no big deal.We all do it on stove tops for the preparing puree for soups,chutney's,rasam and gravies.Blanching tomatoes is a breeze in MW and it hardly takes a minute.When I started cooking this was the first one to try and it has stayed since.

All I do is slit the tomatoes halfway and put in them in a microwave proof bowl with a little water and microwave for 30-45 seconds on high.

The timing may vary with the brand and also with the quantity of tomatoes used.As you can see from the pic above,these tomatoes can be easily peeled and pureed and used in any recipe you need.

I use Microwave oven to prepare everything from basic like this one to bake cakes.What are your favorite dishes that you prepare exclusively in the MW?Do share them with us in our MEC event.

Updated:Taking a hint [ ;) ] ,I am sending this off to Jayas Back to Basics Event.

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