365 Days Of Healthy Living

Here I am with another series titled '365 Days Of Healthy Living'.If you are wondering what I am talking about,let me explain further.Each and every day of our live is definitely precious.There is so much work to be done,so much to see,so much to share and care and loads of other stuffs that we really don't want to spend our time[and money] at the doctors place.The better option would be to take utmost care of us and our family.Hence I thought I will share with you the little that I know to improve the quality of our life.

'365 Days Of Healthy Living' will aim in providing a guidance to a healthy living throughout life.It will include

The first step will be pregnancy.It is a very important phase in life not only for the mother but also to the little one whose foundation to a good health depends on the mother's well being.Next we will sail past lactation,feeding the lil one with nutritious foods,adolescent eating habits/eating disorders,woman's health,nutrition in special needs like illness/disease,nutrition for the elderly-geriatric nutrition,general health care.These topics will be accompanied with recipes from Seduce your tastebuds.I also want to add a few home remedies that are inexpensive yet very effective.A sample menu will guide you to plan meals and make the effective use of the ingredients in the kitchen. All these are done with an aim to keep us fit all through the year and throughout our life.

If you would like to know about any other topic not discussed here kindly leave a message in the comments section and I be glad to write about it too.

Looking forward to your comments ,suggestions and support....