Vitamin B1-Thiamine

Vitamin B1 also known as Thiamine / Thiamin is essential for metabolism of Carbohydrates, also plays a part in the function of our Nervous system and proper cardiac support.It was first named Aneurin.

When we look at the group which needs B1 in larger doses,the first one that catches our attention are the ones whose diet is comprised Carbohydrates especially refined sugars.Thiamine is usually found on the outer layer and the germ portion of the grains and in the refining process these two are removed and hence this vitamin is lost.

The next group are the ones who are recovering from illness,people in stressful situation,increased physical activity.

Foods rich in Vitamin B1

This Vitamin in found in low concentrations in a wide range of foodstuffs.

These days many food stuffs are enriched with Vitamin B1.

Deficiency-Symptoms and Causes:

The heart and nervous system are the first to 'feel' the deficiency of Thiamine in the body .When the nervous system is affected symptoms like

 Beri-Beri and Wernicke-Koraskoff syndrome are two well known syndromes associated with Thiamine Deficiency.

Beri-Beri is a disorder of Newrvous and Cardiovascular system.It literally means 'weakness' and it can be classified into 3 categories...

A] Wet beri-beri - Symptoms like

B] Dry Beri-Beri - Here peripheral neuropathy is seen where there is impairment of sensory,motor and reflux functions and calf muscle tenderness.

C] Infantile Beri-Beri is seen in infants that are breast-fed by mothers with a thiamine deficiency.The infants show Cardiac,aphonic or pseudomeningitic disorders.The infants cry with a piercing voice.Tachycaria and persistent vomiting is seen.Convulsions occur.Death may occur if the deficiency is not treated.

The next deficiency is the Wernicke's enchephalopathy or Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome and Korsakoff's psychosis.These syndromes are also seen in alcoholics
Thiamine like the other B Vitamins is soluble in water and is destroyed on cooking.To preserve the Vitamin it is essential to

Long term refrigeration of foods also leads to the disintegration of B1.

Storing the food stuffs away from direct sunlight minimizes the loss of the nutrient

Thiamine also depends on its 'brother' vitamins for effective absorption and utilization.Hence the other B vitamins must also be adequate in the diet.

Some drugs like certain diuretic,birth control pills/ oral contraceptives , antibiotics and sulfa drugs also hinder absorption.
 Also there are some antagonists that affect the absorption of Thiamine from the diet like

 When a diet is high in the following foods also leads to Thiamine deficiency.

 Moreover when a person is affected by chronic diseases,gastrointestinal diorders,HIV,AIDS,persistent vomiting combined with malnutrition the nutritional status is affected.

Alcoholism also impairs absorption of Thiamine.

Vitamin B supplementation is required in following conditions

 Disclaimer :

This article is NOT a medical advise.DO NOT take supplements without consulting your Physician.

Eat healthy ,Live happy...