Somali Tea

Somalia is a word that brings in images of starving , emaciated children and adults and of poverty to my mind.Haven't we seen / heard about them on TV countless times in the past about these people suffering.A land torn apart by war and affected by mother nature in terms of drought and famine.

In ancient time it was seen in a different perspective.It was the seat of commerce and was a flourishing land.Sadly there were turns in events and a sad state of affairs now.

But what is unknown to most of us is its culinary treasures and here is a very relaxing tea from Somalia.

I used :

Tea leaves-1 teaspoon
Milk-1/2 a cup
Water-1/2 a cup
Cinnamon-a small piece
Cardamom-1 pod,crushed
Ginger-a small piece,crushed
Sugar to taste

Simmer all the ingredients in a pot for a few minutes till the desired color is got.Strain and sip.

This tea is off to AWED African hosted here.

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