Shaobing - Stuffed Chinese Naan

One cold Sunday evening,Ju and me were extremely bored and quite hungry.In no mood to prepare snacks,we dressed up and decided go out and find something good enought to eat.We walked a little while to a place where Ju usually buys some goodies.

On the roadside was a man and his wife busy selling these wonderfully aromatic breads.

I thought they were naans - a North Indian flatbread.Eager to try them out, the two got one each and paid RMB 1/piece.One bite and I knew this was going to be another of my favorite!!! The stuffing was green radish,Ju informed me, and I had never tasted it before.The sesame topping gave a wonderful nutty flavor to the bread.

Presenting to you a bite of Shaobing ,a famous street food where I live and it is delicious when had piping hot and needs no side dish!It is prepared in the same way as North Indian naans-in a tandoor oven and looks similar too.

I found that the street food here is inexpensive and extremely delicious! Am mighty glad that I am able to find quite a few vegetarian street foods!!!!

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