Coffee Banana Soy Milkshake for T & C

For this months Taste and Create ,I was paired with Megan who writes @ A bolder table.She has a beautiful blog where she talks about the need for a healthier food.

As usual I found many recipes that I wanted to try but due to some traveling,I was not able to try them all and to top them all,I thought I still had time to try a couple of recipes when it struck me that today is the dead line!So I made this shake for breakfast this morning and it was delicious as I munched along a handful of sunflower seeds.

The original recipe is here

I used:

Soy milk-150ml
Instant coffee-1 ½ teaspoons, dissolved in a little warm water
Cinnamon - a pinch

Combine all the ingredients and blend. Your tasty shake is ready!

I did not add sugar as the banana was very ripe and it was sweet enough to suit my taste.

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