Fabulous 'free' soup for T & C

After hovering around 15 degree Celsius for the past three days, the weather suddenly plummeted to -4 degree Celsius yesterday. All thoughts of going out were suddenly forgotten and all that I looked forward to was a quick and warm meal.

The climate is so cold and made me all the more lazy.And yet another thing nagged me -I still did not prepare anything for Taste and create.

Taste and create is a monthly event in which bloggers are paired together and they test and taste the dishes from the partners blog.

This month I was paired with Carol who writes at - No reason needed .She has a warm blog that talks about her family, her interests and of course food!!!

I remembered book marking a recipe from her blog -a soup recipe, to be precise, that was so simple and the name was sure tempting .She calls it ‘fabulous free soup’!!!! And today is the perfect time to prepare this fabulous soup that does not require too much work in the kitchen.

Here is Carol’s recipe:


This makes a large pot of soup that may be frozen in smaller containers. Recipe can be halved.

4 large onions
2 large tins tomatoes
1 medium cabbage
2 green peppers
2 envelopes onion soup mix
1 celery stalk
2 carrots
Seasoning to taste
(salt, pepper, soy sauce, or Worcestershire sauce)

Cut vegetables into pieces. Combine all the ingredients, cover with water (approximately 4-6 cups). Cook for at least an hour, season to taste.

Other "free" or "extra" vegetables may be added as available; eg. cauliflower, mushrooms, green and yellow beans, zucchini, broccoli, etc.

And here is mine for which I used:

1 tomato
2 mushrooms
1 stalk celery
3 green beans
2 baby bok choy
½ an onion
½ a carrot
¼ head cauliflower
¼ head broccoli
A handful peas
Seasoning cube -1
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Cut the vegetables into even pieces.
2. Combine all the ingredients except salt and pepper in a large microwave proof dish with enough water.
3. Microwave on high till the vegetables are done.[Mine took 15 minutes].Stir once or twice in between.
4.Add salt and pepper and serve hot.

There you go- a superb soup ready without a fuss!!!!

This soup is fabulous for more than one reason. You are free to add any vegetable of your choice. And while it is cooking you are free to do what you please!!Of course it was tasty and with all those veggies, sure is nutritious.

We enjoyed it with soft buns in the evening and I wasn’t even hungry for dinner!

Do you want to join our fun? Check out the details @ Taste and create

Happy cooking...

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