Zhaoqian Noodles

Last night's dinner was at a Japanese restaurant called Zhaoqian Noodles.

This restaurant is just a few blocks away from our apartment and we go past it almost everyday but never once did we feel like dining there.

Last evening we planned to go to Walmart.The time was around 7.30 pm and not too cold.This sudden decision was announced by hubby and I was too glad to go out.Well,so was lil angel!They have recently launched this in our town and so the plan.By the time we browsed through the different sections and got a few things the time was well past 9.30!

Our initial plan was to go to hotpot as usual but then we changed our mind as we were returning home.

Hubby wanted to go to KFC but I was in no mood to eat there.The only thing I can actually eat there is the mini burger which is the only vegetarian option and of course,coffee.I was tired of eating those mini burgers anyway.

That's when we were walking past this Japanese restaurant and decided to check it out.

The decor was good with a lot of wall paintings and decorated cheerfully for Christmas.

The restaurant timing is from 8am to 10pm,but we went in at 9.45.The waitresses welcomed us with a warm smile and we seated ourselves comfortably.There were very few people in there at that hour.At other times,its always full of people.

I like the menu card.It did have the menu in Chinese,English and Japanese.Each item on the menu was clearly photographed so it was a lot easier to browse through.

I found just 2 items on the menu which were vegetarian-Noodles with assorted vegetables and Rice with mushrooms and kimchi.As the restaurant name suggests,the main thing on the menu was noodles with a wide range of options.Noodles with all types of seafood and meat.Rice dishes were also there with the same varieties.Appetisers were all fried meat items.The beverage section was tempting with pots of different kinds of teas like rose tea,jamine tea etc and the ice cream section made me drool.

I decided on the noodles with assorted vegetables[RMB 10] and hubby the same one with boiled egg{RMB 15].As for lil angel we found potato croquettes{RMB 10 for 2 pieces] that looked delish.

The noodles arrives in large bowls with a wooded spoon which looked more like a ladle!

My noodle was too bland for words.It had a few pieces of corn,carrots,cabbage and mushrooms.They had provided a jar of chilli flakes,fried garlic and soysauce in each table,so I mixed a little of chilli flakes and fried garlic.

Fried garlic added a new taste to the dish but the chilliflakes were of little help.

Hubby's noodles was had a hint of chilli that was too less for his choice.So he too landed up adding chiili flakes and fried garlic.

The portion was very less compared to the one we had at Miao Xiang mi xian.I shared my noodles with little angel and she was glad it was bland.

The potato croquettes were too sweet as they had red dates.Lil angle took one bite,twisted her face and gave the rest to me.I too didn't like it.Hubby didn't even take a bite of it as he is not fond of sweet stuff.

Will I go there again?Maybe just one more time to try the rice with mushroom and kimchiand the rose tea but am not so sure about hubby.

The service was good.It was well past 10.30 yet the waitress didn't hurry us up to finish.We were the only ones in the restaurant and lil angel and her slow way of eating the noodles delayed our departure.

On the whole,it was a nice evening but I was hungry by the time I reached home!