Kitchen mishaps...

Don't we all have some funny,memorable and of course some disastrous moments in the kitchen!!!

Malar of Kitchen Tantra has come up with an event to showcase the kitchen disasters,an event aptly named Kitchen mishaps

I have had my share of disasters in the kitchen.The first one being rava kesari.I tried that when I was in still in school.The dish tuned out powdery!!

After a few [or should I say many more] mishaps I have embarked on this culinary journey.Here are some of the mishaps from my kitchen..

Almost a year ago I tried sago vada.I was so excited to prepare this as mom had told me it would turn out well and it would be a great snack in winter.Also I had seen many recipes that made it look sooo easy.

I did follow the steps meticulously but it did not turn out like what I had seen or expected.There was a lot of spluttering when I put the sago balls into the hot oil and some popped and turned into weird shapes and I even got a duck shaped vada!!They were very chewy and not crisp.

Not to be disheartened,I turned it into a post rather than it be displayed on our table!And ofcourse the vada's landed in the dustbin..

Read more about the saga of the sago vada

Featured here is the duck shaped vada surrounded bu super-chewy double decker fritters!!!

Thats not all,I once decided to bake an egless microwave chocolate cake in a microwave and broke the bowl and set the microwave smoking.The oven was bellowing with smoke the the kitchen smelt of charred food!!

Wana read how it happened and how I baked another cake the same day that turned out perfect??Read Tale of two cakes

The charred cake...

Do you have any funny incident in the kitchen?Then send it straight to Malar!

Happy cooking...