Functions of proteins- Proteins part 3

What do proteins do for us? Or why do we need proteins!!

Well the reasons /its functions are plenty.

1. Building and repairing the body tissues .
2. Protein is also a source of energy.
3. Needed for the formation of enzymes and hormones.
4. They are required for the various bodily functions like nutrient transport, water balance, and muscle contraction to name a few.
5. They keep our skin nail and hair healthy.
6. Protein is needed to keep our immune system going[It builds our resistance to diseases].

Though there are a few more they may be too technical so I have just listed out some of the functions.

The need for increased protein consumption is high for certain groups of people – Pregnant women, infants and young children and patients recovering from illness. Nowadays athletes and weight trainers too are on a high protein diet.


In case you want to start on a high protein diet please get the advice of your physician / dietitian before you start. Unguided high protein diets may do more harm than good..