Mango Milkshake

Mango,as we all know, is a tropical fruit that is sometimes referred to as 'apple of the tropics'.Mango is used throughout the world in creating various culinary delights.

Mango is one fruit bursting with nutrients.The vitamin contents of the fruit varies with the variety ,maturity of the fruit.When the mango is green ,the vitamin C content is higher.As the fruit ripens,the Vitamin A [Beta carotene] content increases.

A chilled mango milkshake is perfect for a hot day...Very simple,as usual, but mighty refreshing.

You need:

Mango Pulp from 1/2 a mango[big]
Chilled Milk-2oo ml

Blend all the ingredients and serve chilled.

I play around with the quantity of the ingredients. Sometimes I add very less mango pulp and more milk and vice versa.Sometimes I add crushed ice while bending and most of the time leave out the sweeter[sugar/honey] as they taste great even without it.

Come and take a sip of my mango milkshake garnished with grated chocolate...

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