Just to Know Scarletts Secret,...

Today, officially, is the first day of autumn for us here. Spring and autumn is supposed to be the best of the seasons but I have not noticed any changes in the climate coz it has been raining heavily all day long for the past one week and I felt we were about to face a deluge. Yesterday I was bored looking at the rain pour down the window day after day and by yesterday noon I was so lazy and I could sense my eyelids were heavy with sleep. I hate to nap at noon, coz it kind of makes me dull through the evening and moreover I had to find out what was troubling Scarlett,..

Caught your attention didn’t I!!!

Scarlett has been troubled by the news of Ashley getting engaged to Miss Melanie. She had heard the news through the Tarleton brothers. But why is she so pained by that??? I had to find out. I am not being nosy but I really want to know Scarlett’s secret...

I can hear you!!! Aren’t you breaking your head to get to know who this Scarlet is? And maybe why she is upset??

She is that girl who has pale green eyes, bristly black eye lashes, magnolina-white skin and of course a 17 inch waist [wow!!] and the star of the book - Gone with the wind by Margaret Mitchell

I love reading books. Actully like them better than movies but I don’t get too many English books here. The ones that I carried with me have all been read to the stage where I can almost tell the pages by heart. Such being the case, I visited the largest book store in town [in spite of the rain!]. There are 1000’s of books but all in Chinese! A lot of books on cookery, cake decoration and vegetable carving. It was like I was in heaven. The pictures were making me drooooll,.. But just a few in English and that too mostly the classics and a few thrillers - just one copy of each.

I picked up ‘Gone with the wind’, a near 1000 paged book [998 to be exact] in the hope that it will last me a few days. Day before yesterday I just got to read 20 pages and stopped short of knowing the reason that ached Scarlett’s.

And yesterday I was desperate to know it. But the lousy climate was making me sleepy which I was totally against and I wanted to perk myself up. What do you do to perk up - prepare a tea/coffee and I made myself a ginger tea, not only to keep me up but also to stimulate my digestion.

This is not much of a recipe. Adjust the ingredients to your taste and given below is what I use to make my ginger tea...

Need these

1. Milk - 1/2 a cup
2. Water - 1/2 a cup
3. Ginger - 1 inch piece, grated
4. Tea dust - 3/4 teaspoon
5. Sugar - 1 teaspoon


1. In a pan boil the water and add the grated ginger, tea dust and allow boil for a few seconds.
2. Allow to steep.
3. Stain into a cup.
4. Add really hot milk and sugar to sweeten
5. Stir and sip

Did I tell you that this is not actually a recipe? But why am I giving you these steps, you may ask... Actually there are no steps. This is just to make it sound complicated!! ;) I put all the ingredients in a pot, simmer and wait for it to come to a rolling boil and then strain into my favorite cup and sip. As simple as that..

Oh! Before I forget, let me tell u Scarlett’s reason for heart-break. She had assumed that Ashley loved her and would eventually propose but sadly he didn’t. Now I am all the more eager to read the rest of the book to know what happens next.