Stay Cool as a Cucumber


There is a debate if it is a fruit or a vegetable but since it has seeds to reproduce, it is placed under fruits [technically] but due to its usage, it is classified under vegetables.

Cucumber is a dieters dream as it has very few calories [around 13 calories/100grams] yet it provides several nutrients.

Here are a few health benefits of cucumber…

Ø It is a great digestive aid and has a cleansing effect on the bowel.

Ø Fresh/raw cucumber is rich in water content and also a good source of Ascorbic acid [Vitamin C] and caffeic acid, which are soothing to the skin.

Ø The silica in cucumber is good for a glowing complexion.

Ø The water content in cucumber keeps us hydrated.

Ø It is low in saturated fats and has zero cholesterol

Ø It is a good source of potassium and molybdenum

Ø The skin/peel contains sterols which are said to lower cholesterol. So it is best to eat them as such. But the problem is that the cucumbers are sometimes waxed to prevent bruising during shipment and hence they may contain some harmful substances. It is better to buy organic varieties if you chose to eat the peel.

According to Ayurveda,

Ø Cucumber balances all the 3 doshas

Ø Cools the body and keeps it hydrated

Ø Quenches thirst

Ø Anti-poisonous and an antidote

With all this said you will now appreciate the greatness of cucumber for it aids in the internal and external wellbeing!!

Here is another interesting thing about cucumbers - If you dream about cucumbers it means - It is a dream of plenty, denoting health and prosperity. For the sick to dream of serving cucumbers, denotes their speedy recovery. For the married, a pleasant change.
- [Source: 10,000 Dream Interpretations, by Gustavus Hindman Miller]

If you are wondering why I am taking about cucumber now, its because autumn has officially arrived and I was expecting a cooler climate but the summer heat still lingers on.

Nothing can be refreshing as a lassi [salted buttermilk] on a hot summer [or in my case-hot autumn] noon. I added cucumber to the lassi to make a revitalizing drink. I used one half of the cucumber for this lassi and made the easiest salad with the remaining half.

Cucumber Lassi

You need:

1. Curd / Plain Yoghurt – 1 cup
2. Cucumber - 1/2 small
3. Salt to taste


1. Peel the cucumber and chop roughly
2. Blend all the ingredients till smooth
3. Add water if required.
4. Serve chilled

Easiest Cucumber Salad

You need:

1. Peel the cucumber [optional] and slice them thinly.
2. Arrange them on a plate and sprinkle salt and red chilli powder.

If you want a chilled salad, chill the cucumber slices and just before serving, sprinkle salt and red chilli powder.

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