Aqua Fresca

Aqua Fresca - A refreshing watermelon drink from Mexico!

Aqua fresca/Aguas de frutas literally means fresh/fruit water and they are a real treat in summer. Very less work but high benefits are guaranteed with this drink.

Watermelon is overflowing in street carts and I made this often not only to quench the thirst but also to enjoy the health benefits of watermelon...

Watermelon is -

1. A concentrated powerhouse of anti-oxidants
2. Rich in Vitamin B, C and a good source of Vitamin A and it protects against macular degeneration - a condition which causes loss of eye-sight in adults
3. Rich in electrolytes, so we need not worry about losing them through sweat if we take watermelon regularly.
4. Reduces risk of prostrate cancer
5. It is fat free!!
6. And important of all it’s a coolant to the body, a wonderful thirst quencher and keeps us hydrated in summer

You need:

1. Watermelon cubes, deseeded – 2 cups
2. Lemon juice - 1 tablespoon
3. Sugar-optional [I don’t add sugar, it taste best on its own]

Step - Blend all the ingredients and serve [chilled] in tall glasses with a wegde of lime.

Note :
1. Water can also be added while blending but I didn’t add as I like it undiluted.
2. Sometimes I add a piece of ginger[grated] while blending it gives a wonderful flavor to the drink along with lemon juice.

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