Take-Away’s were a dream to me when I first landed here. But after a while I found out [with the help of my friends ofcourse] that there are a few vegetarian options in a few places!!

One such place is the ‘Da Niang Dumpling’. Da Niang means granny in Chinese and it is one of the most popular restaurants here. It is always full and to get a seat during weekends is a really a big deal.

This famous chain restaurant was started in 1996 and have a number of branches in various provinces. Apart from the many varieties of dumplings, it is famous for its tasty fillings of ‘three delicacies’. The 3 delicacy fillings will have various veggies in combo with meat and seafood. The one I can savour is a filling of – celery, mushroom and tofu. Apart from dumplings they also serve soups, cod dishes and assorted delicacies.

They follow the ‘more sales-less profit’ strategy and it clearly reflects in their pricing. The veggie platter I buy is 2.5RMB for 6 pieces and I can take out 2 portions for 5 RMB which is really filling.

Just because the pricing is less it does’nt mean the place has no standards. The restaurant is neat and clean and has courteous waitresses.

Everytime I pass by that restaurant I can’t resist my temptation to buy one, so last night I got my usual 3 filling delicacy and had a hearty yet light and filling dinner.

The take-away is frozen dumplings packed with a sachet of vinegar and a sachet of chilli paste. Bring them home, boil a pan of water and put in the dumplings, wait for them to cook. Meanwhile empty the sachets in a bowl and mix. Remove the dumpling from the pan and enjoy it with vinegar-chilli sauce!!

Would you like to have a bite???

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