Japanese Daikon Carrot Salad

I have been eating less of salads lately. So I searched specifically for a Japanese salad recipe to send to AWED ,this month's theme being Japanese cuisine hosted at Lavi's blog

I found this Japanese daikon carrot salad recipe.I found some inteseting tit-bits on daikon as well...

The word 'Daikon' comes from two Japanese words: dai -meaning large and kon-meaning root. It is a root vegetable that as a mediterranean origin and was brought to China around 500BC for cultivation.These roots are large, often 2 to 4 inches in diameter and 6 to 20 inches long. There are three distinct shapes - spherical, oblong and cylindrical.Most of the commonly available Chinese radishes are white, but some are yellowish, green or black.

Daikon is an extremely versatile vegetable.Daikon is used the same way we use a radish- It can eaten raw in salads or cut into strips or chips for relish trays,pickled, or simmered in a soup.It also can be stir-fried, grilled, baked, boiled or broiled.Use a Japanese-style grater or a cheese grater and grate the daikon on any dish just before serving.They are also preserved by salting as in making sauerkraut. Daikon also is used in soups and simmered dishes.

To prepare, peel skin and use it for whatever style your recipe idea calls for. Not only is the root eaten, but the leaves also are rich in vitamin C, beta carotene, calcium, and iron, so they are worth using instead of discarding.

A Japanese secret to cooking daikon is to use water in which rice has been washed or a bit of rice bran added.This eliminates the bitterness and the sharp flavor.

Now comming to the recipe,

You need:

Daikon radish - 1 large ,peeled and finely shredded
Carrot-1 small, finely shredded
White vinegar-2 tablespoons
Sugar-1 teaspoon
Sesame seed-1 teaspoon
Salt- to taste

1.Roast the sesame seed till fragrant and keep aside.

2.Put the grated daikon ,carrot and salt in a bowl and let iti sit for1o minutes.

3.Squeeze out the water and transfer to another bowl.

4.Combine vinegar and sugar in a cup and stir till the sugar dissolves.

5.Pour over the daikon-carrot mixture and toss well until coated.

6.Sprinkle sesame seeds and serve.

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