Carottes Rapees -Grated carrot salad,French style...

I have been mulling over the past few days as to what I can be AWED about French cuisine coz got to send in something for DK's AWED -French..I have been travelling around quite a bit and don't feel like entering the kitchen!!Mom to the rescue-as usual..She cooks all what I want and so there is no reason why should enter the kitchen except to pop in when I need something extra for my blog..

When I thought of French cuisine,I was immediately reminded of one of the lessons we learnt,which was meant to introduce us to the words that we use while ordering food at a restaurant and in the menu was the character's fav dish - Bouillabaisse which is dish of a fish stock containing different kinds of cooked fish and shellfish and vegetables, flavored with a variety of herds and spices ,an authentic dish from Marseilles...

I easily located my lesson book and here is a snapshot of that lesson.[I know the print is not good because we could not get the original book as it was out of stock and had to photocopy the whole book and bind it]For a few minutes I was transported to my college days.

There was also a menu card and I looked into it but almost nothing was vegetarian

I wished I could draw inspiration from that book but all found was a recipe for Bouillabaisse

So as usual I browsed the net for an easy dish as the deadline was close by and that's when I came across 'carottes râpées'. It did sound exotic,just as all the 'foreign' recipes do,and all I could guess was that it has something to do with carrots- thanks to my French language professor from college who made sure we used french words for common things to start with in the class ,so that we need not memorise the words when had to sit for the exams.We soon caught up this idea and started using French words in other places as well and between our friends who took french lessons,we would use french words,while our other 'non french' friends would wonder what we were talking!That was fun but soon this game wore off..But the memories of the french classes and our professor is still evergreen but this is not true for what we learnt.I can hardly recall the words now :)

Ok now back to the topic, 'carottes râpées' is an easy breezy affair and a healthy one too.

This really doesn't have any fancy procedure .All you need is

Carrots - 2 ,finely shredded

and a dressing of

Olive oil-1 teaspoon,1/2 teaspoon sugar,salt to taste ,freshly ground pepper and a little parsley ,finely chopped as a garnish

Mix all the ingredients for the dressing
Put the finely shredded carrot in a bowl and add the dressing.Mix well.

Check the taste and adjust .

Serve garnished with finely chopped parsley.

As simple as that...Go ahead and prepare this 'French salad' and impress your family and friends!!!!

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