Guess Where I Am!!!!

I am having a wonderful time right now.....First ,we were invited by my friend to join her family for the Chinese New Year/Spring festival and we had a great time there.Then a trip to - Guess where!-India!Yes,now I'm in India!!Many of my blogosphere friends are back in India for a vaction and I can imagine how thrilled and happy they must be right now!!

Anyways, amidst all these,the net is giving some problems.The scheduled posts failed to get published and those were the posts that were written for my event :)!And to top it all most of the time I cannot open my own blog and find it difficult to login to blogger.Luckily today I was able to open blogger and thought I will tell you I decided to extend the deadline to 10 of Feb..and that the roundup of the event will be posted shortly after the deadline so if anyone has an entry to send please do so s end it across.Once the net problems are resolved I will be back with some yummy recipes from mom's kitchen..