A blessing in disguise

Today's post is about these crunchy spring rolls.Feast your eyes on them...

Now to the topic..This post is titled 'A blessing in disguise' but these spring rolls don't have a direct connection with the title though!I will come to that later.

In 'those' days when morning sickness used to comfortably sail through the noon and even extend to the night,I was always curled up in bed and used to leave my room just to throw up! I was so sick that I could hardly drag myself to the kitchen but an understanding hubby helped me with this and that.

But when it came to doing the housework I was lost!I just didn't have the mood to clean or do anything in that category.But my home used to be neat.Who is there to make it dirty?Not me definitely and hubby was away from home most of the day.

Yet there were dishes to be done and cloths to be washed.I used to wallow in self pity and wished mom was here.But as luck would have it I was not supposed to travel and she could not visit me.

Then came the my angel -No,not Lil angel,but the angel who helped me out of my miseries!Let me introduce you to H,my dear maid.

The moment I saw her I fell in love with her cute smile.All I could communicate with her was what work needs to be done.[Those days my Mandarin was not so good.]She took charge of the household immediately and the house was looked better with her around.

I at last had someone around the house to chase away my boredom even it was for a few hours a day.Her strength and capacity truly impressed me.Even when I went home in the later stages,she had maintained the house without supervision!No work needs to be repeated twice and I can find no fault with her work.To top it all she is the most punctual person I have ever seen! [But on the other side,I have gotten more lazy :)!!]

Not only has she impressed me but also Lil angel.Everyday Lil angel she runs out of the room calling 'Aunt H' when she opens the door and both of them bask in each others presence for a few minutes before she starts off with her work and often lil angel tells me that H is her friend!!!

H is here with me for the past 2 years and is truly a blessing in disguise.Now you know what I meant in the title.But what has it got to do with spring rolls,you ask,don't you?

I am coming to that.A couple of weeks ago H came home with a box of spring rolls,ready to be fried and savored.

I looked into the box ,first taken in by their beauty-so neat and even sized and next wondered what the filling was!Understanding my predicament she said in Mandarin, 'Its just some greens and tofu.I know you don't eat non vegetarian food so I didn't even add eggs too..'.So sweet of her!!

It was almost lunch time and instead of rice we[Lil angel and me] feasted on these yummy spring rolls and just saved 2 for hubby..

Take a closer look at these delicious crisp goodies...

The filling, she told me, was to saute lightly chopped- spinach and tofu with soy sauce.It was delicious and needless to say I want to try it out too.

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