Onion Pakodas

Hot crispy snacks and a cuppa piping hot coffee-that's what I would say if anyone asked what I want on a cold evening.One such perfect snack is the 'pakoda'.The key to the crispness of the snack is adding hot oil to the ingredients before it is fried.This is one little secret that mom passed on to me.I assure you no one can eat just one!!;)

You need:

Besam/Gram flour-1 cup
Rice flour-3/4-cup
Onion-1 big,sliced
Red Chilli powder-2 teaspoons
Salt to taste
Oil- For deep frying
If the dough is too crumbly it will separate in the oil.If this happens when u put in the first lump ,sprinkle a little water to the dough and mix well.If you add to much water ,the pakoda will not be crisp.A little trial and error will do the trick.

Sending this to Srilekha forEFM-Savories

and to Trupthi for Winter treat event

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