Hash Browns

It was the Chinese new year [2006] and there was an air of festivity everywhere and during that wonderful time we visited a beautiful place called Hangzhou.Hangzhou is known for its rich cultural heritage.There were so many places to look around and we would leave the hotel early in the morning and rush to feast our eyes on the beautiful sites.

There was another feast for us in the morning-the breakfast.Tired after the previous day's sight seeing,the breakfast would awaken not only out taste buds but also refresh us totally.

What I enjoyed each morning at the table was hot crispy hash browns and coffee[not to mention all the other goodies].So I thought I will make my own Hash browns and check it tastes just like what I had in the hotel.
Hash browns though considered a breakfast food,are always a hit be it at breakfast,lunch or as a snack.I read that North American diners serve these as a breakfast staple with bacon or with burgers.

You need:
Baking potatoes
Salt and pepper to taste
  1. Scrub the potatoes thoroughly and grate.[Peeling is optional]
  2. Usually a potato ricer is used to remove the moisture from the grated potato but since i don't have one,I spread the grated potato over a clean cotton cloth and rolled it up and pressed it,but not too hard.[Be sure to remove as much moisture as possible.]
  3. Heat a pan [I used a non stick one] and spread the grated potato.
  4. Press gently and evenly so that no single area is too thick or thin.[If you have a lot of grated potato prepare this in batches or spread it out fully on the pan and quater it.]
  5. After a few minutes check if that side has browned.
  6. Flip it over and cook till both sides are brown.
  7. Sprinkle salt and pepper and serve.

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