I had planned to try Cheela for this months Tried and tasted hosted by Zlamushka in her 'Spicy Kitchen'.This is such a fun event where we visit the chosen blog and try out one [or many] of their recipes.This month featuring Sia's Monsoon Spice .

Sia has such a gorgeous blog with yumm, drool-worthy photos.I had visited her blog by chance one day and sat there droolingall day long.[That was way before I even planned to start a blog].

As for the cheelas that I originally wanted to try was forgotten coz I was so immersed in my daily chores s. Before I finished all my chores I was tired and thirsty.What else will refresh me more than Spiced Buttermilk !!!

It's such a quick thing to prepare and you are sure to fell thoroughly refreshed.I just left out one ingredient from the original recipe - Lemon Juice,because I didn't have lemon handy.I put in a pinch of chilli powder as garnish.

The taste was excellent and after this wonderful drink , started my chores with renewed energy.

If I have enough time,I will surely try out the cheela and post it.

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