What is the very first thing that comes to your mind when you think of onion soup?? French onion soup, right?!

Italy has its version on onion soup called UMBRIAN CIPOLLATA which is stewed onion soup with tomatoes.

When I was looking for some Italian recipes DK's AWED Italiano, I came upon this one and found it to be simple but was a little hesitant to plunge into it as I was not sure how it would turn out becoz I just had the recipe and didn't know how the end product would look like.

Anyway,I tried to experiment and finally prepared it.

You need:

1/4 kilo onions finely sliced
20 ml olive oil
50 ml tomato sauce
Salt & pepper
Bread slices,toasted

1.Heat the oil in a pot over a low flame and saute the onions till they wilt but does not brown.

2.Then stir in the tomato sauce, cover, and simmer the pot for at least an hour, checking it occasionally and adding small amounts of water to keep it from drying out.

3.When the onions begin to fall apart, remove from fire and serve .

When I the soup was simmerring I kept adding water to prevent the tomato sauce from drying out and finally landed up with watery sauce.The instruction in the recipe said 'serve it over the toasted bread'.My soup was no way near to serving on toasted bread.So I used this as a dip and drank the remaining soup.

Luckily,I tasted the soup before adding salt.There was enough of it from the tomato sauce so I just added pepper powder.

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