I saw the Tried and tasted almost as soon as it was announced.And deciding to try something from Jugalbandi .Two wonderful people,Jai and Bee create magic on their blog.What beautiful descriptions and photographs!!No,this is not mere flattery,you can see all of this if you hop over to their blog .

I am a great fan of their works and always wanted to try out something from their creation but somehow kept putting it off due to one reason or the other.Tried and tasted announced and now,no more excuses.

Drooling over their yummy recipes I almost forgot I had to try out something from their blog.When it finally dawned that it was time I decided what to prepare, it was 30th September.

I settled on Carrot [Gajar] Halwa coz it was one of the easiest and had all the ingredients ready in the pantry.I prepared it as per their direction,but left out just one ingredient- Green cardamom.I am one of those rare person who runs at the thought of eating anything having cardamom.

Delicious!!! This is the word I would descibe the halwa.Yes , it was definitely mouth-watering and I'm very happy that in spite of my fact that it was my first try in making carrot halwa,it turned out very well.I'm posting this after scrapping out the final bits of gajar halwa! :)

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