WHO AM I.....

I am into blogging for the past 6 months and have been requesting my family & friends to have a look at my blog. Recently many of them expressed the fact that they had stumbled upon my blog but didn’t know it was mine coz I am publishing it under the name ‘Creative cook’.

You may be knowing the story behind the birth of my blog.When I started it ,I had lots of time to spare and I was so much into it that I could not call it quits when I learnt that there was going to be an addition to my family, through my journey to motherhood and even more so now with a 5 month old in tow. Every spare second I am planning/cooking/photographing/writing for my blog. The efforts that go into it should count for something so I decided to let the world know who I am.

Thus 29 posts later, I am letting out the little ‘secret’!Here I am-Padmajha Suresh-a Dietitian and Health educator, who loves to cook and experiment in the kitchen.

This blog is becoming a means for sharing my family recipes and those that I collected from friends and other places and also a dossier where my lil-one can look-up to when she starts her experiments in this lovely field .

Collecting recipes, crockery and cutlery interest me greatly and I have a wide collection to flaunt. My other passions include performing/listening to music[I am a music [veena]graduate as well], reading books on a wide range of topics, Philately[Inherited the interest from my dad],watching old[B&W] movies and my latest one is blogging.

Continue your expedition to the magical world of cookery with me…Happy cooking!!!!